Alliance Commodities


At Alliance Commodities, alliance comes first.

Over 16 years’ experience in the dairy agribusiness field, mainly in trading, supply chain development & management.

Geographically centered in Brazil, spanning globally, covering several different markets, both sourcing and selling.

Its long lasting relationship with business partners, key industries and prominent trading houses, sets Alliance Commodities at a prominent position.

Market information and advisory services creating value to partners over the years.

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Customer intimacy leads to business development.

Whereas commodity trade is Alliance
´ backbone, intimacy with customers takes business to whole new level.

From domestic and cross-border commodity trade, to business developments:

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Renner Herrmann S/A

Industrial Project Advisory

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Renner Herrmann S/A is a prominent Brazilian family-owned group, located in the country´s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul. Its industrial activities spans from chemical, paints, coats, varnishes to packaging industry (metal tins), timber and forestry.

The group decided to deversify activities, allocating investments to the dairy sector, specifically whey processing.

Whey is a cheese processing by-product, largely utilized as an ingredient in various food applications, sports nutrition and animal feed. The investment of circa BRL 30 million in daily processing capacity of 1 million liters of whey (concentration, demineralization and spray-drying).

Alliance Commodities acted as advisor in the preliminary project phase and represents RELAT in markets and client developments.

Tangará Foods

M&A Advisory (Acquisition)

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Tangará Foods, located in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo state, is one of the leading Brazilian trading houses active in import and export of dairy products, coffee, other food and agricultural commodities, with turnover R$ 1,6 billion (2011). In 2011, Tangará Foods completed the acquisition of LATIVALE - Laticínios Vale do Taquari Ltda., located in Brazil´s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, processing 190 million liters of milk into milk powders condensed milk, blends and powder preparations.

Alliance Commodities, via its consulting division Alliance Invespar, acted as both buy-side & sell-side advisor in this transaction.


Domestic Markets (Brazil)

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Italac is ranked 4th largest dairy company in Brazil (source Leite Brasil 2011), processing UHT milk, cheeses, condensed milk, milk powders, whey powders and other dairy products.

Over BRL 50 million capex in daily processing capacity of 1 million liters (concentration and drying) in the city of Jarú, Brazilian northwestern state of Rondônia.

Alliance Commodities acts since the start of production as supply chain, trade and logistics coordinator to key-accounts in food and animal nutrition sectors.

Alliance Commodities also provides supply-chain services, sourcing bulk cream and milk powders seasonally demanded by Italac.

Remotti, Leones de Bleek e La Cristina

Import / Market Access

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The Argentine companies Remotti, Leones de Bleek and La Cristina, are part of the same family group. With three whey processing plants in Provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fé and Córdoba, the group is one of the leading whey ingredient processors in Mercosur.

Alliance Commodities is a long-standing supply-chain and trade partner developing key-accounts in the food and animal feed sectors in Brazil.


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